Friday, August 3, 2018

Sometimes sayings are just said, part five (Dec 12 vs. CBJ)

Good morning my friends.

This day in December we're harkening back to, the Oilers put the Blue Jackets in the dumpster, 7-2. If I remember correctly, this was the game where John Tortorella all but played hooky on his post-game media responsibilities, which is the most delicious thing for Oilers fans since he was Vancouver's coach.

Draisaitl didn't get in on the action much at 5v5 in terms of the scoresheet, but he was utterly exceptional in transition and to be honest, there was probably a maximum three short clips I could have used pertaining to prolonged defensive zone shifts, and in none of them was coverage or anticipation an issue. 

In the interest of still telling the story, I've compiled all of his stellar zone exit and entry play from the game.

You'll notice a successful version of the breakout system a few times here, where two forwards will fly the zone fast and pull back the neutral zone scheme of the defending team, allowing for the third forward to only have to outplay one forechecker and really wind up for some clean, effective transportation. I believe the first four clips are literally all shifts in a row from the first period only. Unstoppable carrying.

Due to length, I've uploaded the compilation to YouTube. Enjoy.

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  1. Just caught up on all 5 posts to this point. Excellent work.